We are a Missional & Discipleship Micro/Homeschool, committed to sharing the gospel and making disciples. We believe the Holy Spirit will grip their hearts and lead them to personal relationship with Him. We understand that every student is unique and gifted by God in various ways. That's why we are a Project Based Learning environment. When we work together in teams to accomplish a common goal, we're able to learn from one another. While teaching one another, Intra-dependent learning is best achieved this way. Our framework supports the student who comes advanced, continuing in forward progression, while the child who comes a little behind is propelled forward, without teaching to the test. This allows both to thrive equally.

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Please click on the link below, for your in-depth look at the bios of our team, the curriculum, our budgets, and an educational journal on the value of project-based learning.

Explore a written & video explanation of our curriculum developed by Angelina Hammons, holding a BA of Arts from Bethel University, Masters of Arts & Crafts Categorical Spec. Ed, from Grand Canyon University and a Master of Education Teaching in Leadership from Walden University.

IYCLEF Student Tuition yearly- (Required)


One on One tutoring per hour


Student day camps, per day


Education Project fees Individual Learning per student required one time per school year- (Required)


Transportation fee per month per family ( as needed)


One on One therapy per hour


Family/Student Therapy per hour


Family/Student support weekend camps @ 2days Fri-5pm. through Sat. 9pm.


State testing x’s 2 per year @$54- (Required)


Field trip fees as needed



Below is the list of services provided by IYCLEF and fees associated. Most fees are covered by Educational Student Accounts (ESA)


Our education coaches are passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping students understand the gifts God imbedded within them. It is their desire to cultivate students knowledge & skills to impact the Marketplace of life. They provide personalized attention and support to help students succeed in their spiritual & learning journey.


We offer a K-12 intradisciplinary Christian learning environment, supporting the needs of our students on our 5 acre Farmstead. We desire to support students who best learn in a hands-on, experiential way and who may struggle to thrive in traditional schools.

Educational Student Account funding(ESA) & TUITION

We believe that quality Christian education should be accessible to everyone. That's why the state of IN is a "My School Option State" most students are eligible for school vouchers allowing them to attend the school of their choice. As an ESA provider we are eligible to serve students with IEPs, SP's or in Foster Care with state financial funding. In addition, we offer affordable tuition rates and flexible payment options to make learning more affordable for you.


Our students will all graduate with a John C Maxwell School of Leadership certificate, which is a top industry-recognized certification in "Servant Leadership". In addition, our students will have the opportunity to get a trades certification upon graduation.


We use engaging and interactive ABEKA curriculum, aligned with a Biblical Worldview, to make learning fun and effective. Our cohorts are designed to help students apply learning to living.


We're here to support the whole family and be extended family. We are dedicated to disciple our families, spiritually, academically, emotionally, and practically along the journey of life.